The name gives a hint as to the purpose of this particular soundcard, as Razer only does fast.  The Razer Barracuda AC1 Gaming Sound Card claims to increase your framerates by not using any system memory.  OCC proves that claim, although don’t expect to see the increase blow your mind.  As well, the audio quality impressed them enough to convince them to toss out their old Diamond Monster MX300.  It also will attract modders, the Razer logo lights up to add a little extra to the inside of your case.
“Can a sound card increase your Frame Rate? You must be wondering whether it is even possible. With the Razer Barracuda AC1 Gaming Sound Card, the Razer design team claims that by not utilizing system memory, this just might be that sound card that makes it possible. Later on in this review, I will test that claim and further explain the reasons why.”

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