FASA Studio Manager, Mitch Gitelman sits down for an interview at SI, and talks a bit about their upcoming multiplayer release of Shadowrun.  If you haven’t heard about this game before, it is based on a pen and paper game from FASA that was published back in 1989.  It is a futuristic world where magic suddenly returns, along with a spreading mutation that suddenly changes some normal humans into orcs, trolls, elves and more.  Add some corporate intrigue and you have a game that could really stand out; if they can recreate it properly.

4th Edition sucks!
”Shadowrun™’ is the best game FASA Studio has ever made. It’s an intense, team-based first-person shooter that combines ancient magic, modern weapons and advanced technology in a way that’s never been done before. Rather than turn magic and tech into just another weapon, we’ve made them into tools the player uses to outwit and outfight the enemy. Notice that I used ‘outfight’ instead of ‘outshoot.’ That’s because ‘Shadowrun’ isn’t just about putting your cross-hairs on a troll and pulling the trigger. It’s about using the right abilities and the right weapons at the right time to get the advantage in combat. It’s really a thinking person’s shooter—but someone who thinks on fast on their feet.’

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