The Inquirer has done a little sniffing around in the R600 driver, and have found 4 device names, referred to in the driver as DEV_9400, 9401, 9402 and 9403.  Since ATI isn’t saying anything about the upcoming names, it is guessing time and if you guess XTX, XT, PRO and GT you agree with the fellows at The Inq.  Another guessing game comes from the quote below, Quad Crossfire or multiple memory devices? 

As well, the RV610 and R630 have been announced and will be available in April.  They will be scaled or slowed down versions of the main R600 cards, but will still be DX10 cards.  The R630 is planned to be sold for under $100, which could really help push AMD/ATI sales in low cost Vista machines.

VR_Zone has some information on the R600 and the 610/630 as well.

“There are two possibilities. The first is that each card supports 512MB of memory only and that you can Crossfire up to four cards. The second is that the card has four different memory devices and can address up to 2GB of memory. We still don’t know the answer but will tell you when we do.”

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