So you ran out and spent $1800 on a pair of overclocked 8800GTX’s and then bought a copy of Vista Ultimate Edition.  Now you are sitting in front of the computer foaming at the mouth because they won’t play nicely together.  As Ryan has pointed out and linked to, the 100.59 drivers add … beta support anyways, but …

It isn’t enough to satisfy you, or [H]ard|OCP.  For one thing, the 64-bit edition of Vista demands WHQL certified drivers to run, which these ain’t.  They are also ticked off that owners of the GeForce 7 series cards running in SLI still don’t know if there will ever be able to do so under Vista.  They point out a few more issues/demands/reasonable expectations in their full article.

“GeForce 8800 series video card owners are up in arms as NVIDIA has left them out to dry in terms of WHQL certified Vista drivers. GeForce 8 series SLI owners have been completely shut out of Vista DX10 gaming support. What to expect now?”

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