When VIA first introduced the EPIA they ran a little slower than most desktops, but not to the point of being crippled.  It’s hard to know if they realized the response they would get from the modding community, but it has been huge!  If you aren’t fully aware of what people are doing, just check out VIA Arena’s current mod contest.

Once you’ve seen what can be done by modders, continue on in VIA Arena’s article to see the applications it is being put to in robotics and more.  This shrinking little system is going to be around for a while.
“VIA had acquired the means to produce a highly integrated, low powered solution and set about designing a new platform and form factor on which to sell it. Or perhaps VIA bought Centaur with this exactly in mind. The chicken and the egg: I guess only the CEO and the head of R&D would know the answer to that one.”

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