Virtual-Hideout looks at a nice piece of equipment from Logisys, the Extension Station.  At first glance, it looks like a stand to place an LCD monitor on to get it in line with your eyeballs.  There is a lot more to this though, it contains powers switches and plugs, all with fuse protection so that you don’t end up with a powerbar on the floor gathering dust bunnies and any liquids you might spill.  As well it has a 4-port USB Hub, and other features including a drawer to keep little screws, jumpers etc …  and has a space large enough that a keyboard could be slid in when not in use.

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‘The Logisys PC Extension Station does what the name says. It is actually a very useful desktop tool that lives up to its current specifications and features. The modification possibilities will be a good extra bonus for the avid PC users. As for the professional users, you can expect it to help make those long hours spent reading your monitor less physically taxing while adding an organized feel to your work space. The construction is more than enough to hold up your common PC monitors found at home or the office. The acrylic and surface areas are very well cut and polished making it a very clean addition to your desk top.’

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