Thermoelectric cooling is a powerful way to keep your CPU cool, but it comes at a high price.  Enter the Monsoon II Lite, which has trimmed some of the features of it’s big brother down, and lets you get into TEC for less than $100.

AnandTech managed to get a Core 2 Duo X6800 from it’s stock 2.93GHz up to 3.96GHz at 14*283MHz with this 50W TEC cooler, mind you it does so at about 60dB.
“The Lite version of the Monsoon II is being introduced this week. It uses the same TEC/Cooler as the more expensive Monsoon II, but substitutes a PCI card for the LED controller. The advantage is price, as the new Lite version will list for around $100, and the street price is expected to be in the $89 range. Lite does not mean performance is compromised in any way, as the TEC cooler is exactly the same as the more expensive Monsoon II.”

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