According to this article on HEXUS, Gears of War may make it to the PC … when enough people have the hardware to run it.  Of course, they neglect to mention what kind of system will be needed to play Gears on the PC, but somehow the idea that a 3GHz machine with 4GBs of RAM and dual 8800GTXs can’t match the performance of a console seems unlikely.

Some might point out it’s cheaper to buy a console and the game instead of a new powerhouse PC, though I can’t understand why someone would let a console get between them and a new killer PC.
“The good news is that Epic’s lead designer, Mark Rein has confirmed in an interview with TeamXbox that the award winning third person shooter Gears of War will be developed for PC. The bad news is that Epic don’t appear to have started the process so it will be some time before PC gamers get to see what all the chainsaw wielding fuss is about. In fact Rein says that it could be a case of waiting up to 5 years before enough people have PCs that would be able to run the game.”

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