The Inquirer reports on a project by AMD/ATI to make dedicated server CPUs a thing of the past.  For certain types of calculation, a GPUs particular structure allows it to beat the pants off of a CPU … that’s why we use them for graphics in the first place.  Considering the finalization of PCI Express external cabling, you could set up a giant Crossfire array in much the same way as an external storage box, and have a network attached computation device.
“ATI is preparing something really, really special. If it manages to pull it off, it will be a breakthrough even Captain Hook couldn’t have dreamt of. We are talking about a GPGPU product, the FireStream/Stream Processor board with no less than four (4) Gigabytes of local video memory.

The biggest issue we can think of is the probable requirement for 1024 Mbit GDDR-2/3/4 memory chips, and neither Samsung nor Qimonda is manufacturing them. However, design documents specifically mention 4GB of memory, which made my head dizzy. If they cannot make it, they will release a version with “only” 2GB, but our sources are talking about the ultimate monster board.”

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