So you figure you’ve got Google down, eh?  Mastered the advanced search page, joined a few groups via your Gmail account, and used Boolean operators in your searches, and now you know all you need to know?

OCModShop will set you straight with this article on more advanced and lesser known tools.  For instance, did you know if you email a search query as the subject line from your cellphone to, you will get a mail back with the top 10 results?  Did you know Google Voice Search exists?  Drop by to see if you really do know about all that Google has to offer.
“Google is a great general-purpose search engine, and is so popular that many people refer to searching for something on the Internet as “Googling”. Ubiquitous as it is, many people do not know the full power of what Google offers, or even how to extract every once of granularity from their standard Google searches. With over 3 billion pages in Google’s index, you need to know how to refine those searches down to a manageable number. Google’s default search option is beyond simple (a single text input box), but several options can open up this simple input to a remarkably powerful tool that enhances your Internet exploitation. Here is a look at some of Google’s lesser-known tools.”

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