When you are buying an LCD monitor for gaming, response time and contrast ratio rule, because not too many are terribly worried about 100% accurate colour representation.  When doing graphic design, the exact opposite is true.  In some applications, in order to get a realistic looking model, you need to use a palette of colours that differ in only the most minute way and if you can’t see the difference in shades you cannot do it.

Enter X-bit Labs review of NEC’s LCD2190UX and Samsung’s XL20, 2 professional level LCDs.  If you know what dE is and are trying to get a monitor that can handle dE<1, this review is for you.

“Incorrect correct color reproduction is an issue with a lot of consumer LCD panels. Today we are going to take a look at professional LCD monitors that have been specifically optimized for work with colors. Please meet the three professional models from NEC and Samsung in our new detailed review!”

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