The days of the 15 pin VGA connector are numbered.  DVI is the choice of many users of LCD screens, HDMI is becoming less rare and UDI and DisplayPort are getting ready to make an appearance.  If you don’t want to end up buying the perfect monitor, and have it be incompatible with your perfect video card, give this article at ExtremeTech a thorough read.
“The analog VGA was the standard for such a long time, some of us just got used to it. Today, I don’t remember the last time I got a performance-grade graphics card with a VGA port on the back of it; I have a small cadre of DVI-to-VGA adapters that I use to plug in my monitors.

DVI as a standard features a number of sub-standards, some analog, some digital. Now DVI is already seeing the writing on the wall due to its limited bandwidth, just as the world grows accustomed to it. HDMI is crossing from the TV set to the computer, UDI is creeping into the market, and DisplayPort is riding over the horizon and hoping to take over the world. ”

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