The Guru of 3D attacks the new release of the 8800GTS in a 20 page review that covers more than one manufacturer and includes SLI testing.  There were 2 major findings, the first of which the Guru summed up perfectly.

Gaming up-to 1920×1200 = Good
Gaming after 1920×1200 = Bad

In the lower resolution scenarios a pair of GTS can beat a full GTX most of the time. Games like GRAW that require a huge frame buffer don’t do very well on the limited memory of the GTS, but that takes nothing away for the price/performance.
“Today Guru of 3D will be looking at two brands of the all new GeForce 8800 GTS 320Mb. Obviously compared to the default clocked 640 Mb model, we’ll see at what resolution the memory limitation kicks in, and will also have a look what default faster clocks actually are doing in terms of performance over that 640 Mb model. Therefore we took BFG’s GeForce 8800 GTX 320 Mb card, the OC model and we snagged the “XXX” edition of this card from XFX and test how well they perform in games with the industry standard setting in AA and AF. This should be an interesting read .. oh and hey, we actually snagged two cards from BFG so we’ll seat them in a SLI compatible mainboard and look at a little SLI action as well.”

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