Xigamatek is new to cooling, and their first device on the market is a self contained watercooled heatsink.  It comes with a mix of anti-corrosive and antifreeze liquids mixed with water, and all pre-installed in the reservoir.  The waterblock/pump/reservoir comes with brackets to fit any socket size, and it makes installation a breeze.  At 55dB it is a little loud, but an interesting feature is separate power sources for the fan and the pump, so you can put a rheostat on the fan power to give you control over it’s speed.  Drop by Frosty Tech to see how it’s performance compares to other heatsinks.

“In this review Frostytech will be testing out the Xigmatek AIO-S80DP self contained watercooling heatsink. The AIO-S80DP is both a new approach to watercooling, and the first salvo from an entirely new heatsink manufacturer. What makes the Xigmatek AIO-S80DP heatsink unique is that it is an all-in-one watercooling based thermal solution. Coolant runs through the metal veins of this heat exchanger, and it is only this liquid which works to transfer the heat absorbed from the processor into the surrounding environment. The heatsink is set up with two 80mm sized radiators, positioned with direct connections to the reservoir below, and a fan set dead between them.”

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