The NuLOOQ Navigator is a new device from Logitech, which you use in your keyboard hand.  A heavy round, puck looking doohickey, with a ring (called a Navring)that can be pushed left, right, up, down and can be twisted clockwise and counterclockwise, giving you 6 ‘buttons’ right there.  The center of the navring is touch sensitive and gives you accesss to a popup menu of commmands, and there are also 5 fully programmable buttons, or ‘triggerpoints’.  The Tech Lounge tries out this interesting little device in a number of different programs to see how it performs.

“Logitech’s NuLOOQ Navigator is one of the more interesting devices I’ve seen in the past few years. It’s an attempt to create a new breed of devices; it’s more than a mouse, it’s not a tablet, it’s a new way to move around your computer environment. But is it just another gadget or is it really useful? Will it change my usage patterns or just become an expensive paperweight? The details lie ahead.”

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