The E4300’s OCing ability has caught a few eyes on the forum, especially for those who don’t care about Virtualization Tech, but so is the early release of the X2 6000+.  Of course, buying a new motherboard can lead to a variety of issues, from video to squeezing it into the case to getting it to POST.  Uncle Bob, famous for his mod interviews, has also set up a watercooling system that serves 3 PCs simultaneously.  Ryan has also picked up some info from nVIDIA on what they are doing about Vista support for 8800s.

For fun, you can drop in on the bi-weekly BF2142 games, Wednesday and Saturday, it’s more fun with friends.  If shopping is more your thing, then head to the trading post, you can probably find anything you could want in this one thread alone!  Then stop off at The Lightning Round for a different kind of smack down.