On one side of futureLook’s ring is the reigning champion, the Thermaltake Cyclo and in the other corner the challenger, the VIZO Armada.  Both offer air cooling for your RAM, and along the way they try to find out if that even has any effect.  The Cyclo is a heavyweight, taking up a fair amount of space, but also able to cover 4 DIMMs at a time.  The Armada prefers to go one on one by directly attaching to the DIMM, which takes up enough space that Dual Channel is no longer an option.  Find out what they can do.

“In the ring today we have veteran ThermalTake taking on new comer VIZO. The match is to determine who has the best RAM Cooler. Can we even determine that? Does RAM cooling even do anything for you…really… Is it even effective? Let’s battle first and ask questions later.”

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