If you are still looking for info on Vista one of our members has compiled a list of links that should cover almost any question you might come up with, so go visit Ezzo’s Vista thread, and don’t forget to thank him.  That doesn’t mean we have given up on older OSes and we won’t, because we know so many tips and tricks we would hate to see them disappear (well except for ME).  If you have troubles getting a CD ROM to work under Win2K, then read through here.  Even if you can’t get as far as loading on the OS, we’ve got people ready to help

Once you are past that stage, pushing the system as far as it can go is the next step.  Drop by the Overclocking forum and see what the creator of the OC Bible has gotten up to recently.  tenax has some advice on making an HTPC sound great.

Come visit to fix a problem, and make some great friends along the way.