Ars Technica has a review of Nokia’s third attempt at an Internet Tablet device.  The first had bad interface software and the technical spec were too slow to enjoy it’s use, the second revision helped the interface, but it was still slow.  The new version, the N800 is powered by an ARM 330MHz with 128MB of SDRAM and an additional 256MB of Flash RAM.  Drop by to see how well this new incarnation, with 802.11b/g as well as Bluetooth, impressed Ars.
“Many a geek was excited when Nokia announced the Nokia 770 Internet Tablet in late 2005. Its form factor, functionality, and price indicated to me that my dream device had arrived. When I finally purchased one and reviewed it, my dreams were dashed. While attractive, the Nokia 770 was underpowered, leading to sluggish performance. The menu navigation was not thought out well, and some of the applications felt unfinished.

Nokia released an OS update—Internet Tablet OS 2006—in mid-2006 that addressed some of the 770’s problems while adding a new on-screen thumb keyboard. Unfortunately, no amount of code optimization was able to cover up the slow CPU and meager RAM.”

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