I’m workin on getting another Mod interview published tonight. First I have to catch my breath after watching the finish of the Daytona 500! OK, I must tell ya, I was screaming, hoopin, clappin and dancin….all trying to help Mark Martin win……he just missed it!


Uncle Bob's Corner - Editorial 3

All in all it was a fantastic race. At about 35 laps to go, all the gloves came off, no more “Mr Nice Guy”, no more ‘you help me, I’ll help you’, no more alliances…..it was almost a junkyard at the finish, too. Clint Boyer finished on his roof.

Uncle Bob's Corner - Editorial 4


All in all? I thoroughally enjoyed it, working graveyards this weekend, I had to loose some sleep to watch it live. It was worth every minute. Heck my wife, the “lovely Mary Jo” even said we should go see the race next year….now that’s something! Well, back to the interviews. Be back in a few!