Morning all! Well, it’s the day before the last real fix for football junkies. I won’t go out on any limb and guess who will win. Our Seahawks didn’t make the show but I’ll watch anyway! Actually I’ll be at work, but we’ll make sure we have time set aside to watch the greatest sports event of the year. So, grab some cold ones, some munchies and good friends and get yourself ready for a real spectacle. I ain’t talking about the purported halftime activities, either, btw….personally I could do without all that! Even lookin at Janet Jackson’s thingamajigger a few years ago did nothing fer me. All the pomp and circumstance must be for those who spent up wards of $4K for a seat!

On a cheery note, more interviews are coming up. I tell ya, these Mods are a bunch of chatterbugs. Once Electric Bill and liquidsoul broke the ice there was a torrent of applications for interviews. I have 6 more “in the can”, so we’ll be putting one out every 4 days….tomorrow morning we’ll have one for ya, kinda like a Super Bowl Pregame Gong Show!

Hey, enjoy your weekend. Back here tomorrow.