Hi there! Let me take a minute to introduce myself. I’m Uncle Bob, a Mod here at PC Perspective. We will be running a series of articles within the forum that will be called Mod Interviews. I ask revealing, embarrassing, stupid, probing questions of Mods and hopefully you get to laugh with us at ourselves and in the process get to know some of us better. Beware, not all the Mods are as forthcoming as you may like, I do my best to uncover the truth, but haven’t always hit the mark!

Now, without further delay, here is the second interview with liquidsoul!

1. I realize many of the mods here are in a witness protection program of some sort, but can you give us your real name?
     My real name is Michael.

2. Why did you join PCPer/AMDMB?
     I originally joined way back in the day to troubleshoot a problem I was having with a Gigabyte GA-7VRXP (the worst motherboard ever). UncleBob's Corner - An interview with Moderator liquidsoul - Editorial 9

3. Which forums do you mod?
     I have moderated several forums over the years including: Networking and Operating Systems, Cases and Cooling, MSI, Audio Corner, and the Mobile/HTPC forum. Now I just moderate Audio and MSI.

4. Why do you keep coming back?
     What can I say? I love building computers. I love modding and trying new things. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. UncleBob's Corner - An interview with Moderator liquidsoul - Editorial 9 Nothing beats talking about your triumphs and tragedies with other forum users like yourself. UncleBob's Corner - An interview with Moderator liquidsoul - Editorial 11

5. What was your first experience with a computer?
     My first experience was probably a few years after I was born. My father was a certified MedTech (and a Chemistry major) and worked on Laboratory systems. Needless to say, there was always a computer around the house.

6. Do you prefer to be called a “geek” or a “nerd”?
     I prefer to be called a Geek. The term geek does not have negative vibes nowadays. Nerd is just plain nerdy.

7. What exactly do you do here at PC Perspective?
     I am still trying to figure that out. In all of my years as a mod I have never given an infraction. I have edited countless posts, but infractions just seem harsh in the forums that I moderate.

8. What do you like most about your ‘job’? I realize it’s actually a rudimentary form of slavery or servitude, but you are still here…can you explain this to our readers?
     Honestly, it gives me something to do while I am at my real job. I am a server administrator and when everything is working fine there is lots of downtime. Again, nothing beats talking to fellow “geeks” about technology and building computers.

9. OK, we all know this is coming…What do you like least about your job?
     Green eggs and UncleBob's Corner - An interview with Moderator liquidsoul - Editorial 12

10. How long have you been active in PC Perspective?
       I have been active for almost 5 years now. Way back when we were still Amdmb. (Which I prefer but don’t tell anyone UncleBob's Corner - An interview with Moderator liquidsoul - Editorial 13 )

11. Where are most active here? What is it you suppose that draws you to that particular area?
       I am probably most actice in Audio and/or Cases and Cooling. Both of those forums are my real love. I am fascinated with headphones and I love to mod cases. Nothing beats trying to fit a dual 120mm radiator in a midtower case.

12. What interests do you have outside of PC Perspective. Don’t be shy, if you don’t have a life outside of here, many readers would like to know!
       Well I am a musician in my free time. I have played all across the world. I have played the Montreux Jazz Fest, Umbria Jazz Fest, and also the Jazz a la Vienne festival. Music is a way I can express myself without saying a word. Other than that, I love playing sports – mainly basketball.

13. OK, it’s hardware time! Let’s start with your most, or current favorite piece of hardware. Tell us about it.
       My current favorite piece of hardware is my brand new IBM (Lenovo) T60 laptop. It has a core 2 duo @ 1.86ghz, 2GB of Ram, 80GB 5400rpm hard drive, Radeon X1300, Fingerprint reader, and a 15″ SXGA screen. It is a screamer.

14. Software? Hey, if you are a closet Linux user, now’s the time to come out. (If you are a closet Microsoft user, don’t be afraid, we can keep a secret!)
       I am a Microsoft customer through and through. I work for a business whose client base consists of fortune 500 companies. There is no time for errors or mistakes and Microsoft is able to provide us with the software we need with very few issues. I am also a VMWare expert (therefore I do like Linux too UncleBob's Corner - An interview with Moderator liquidsoul - Editorial 14 ). There is nothing that ESXServer v3.0 can’t do.

15. OK, let’s get real personal. Witness Protection Program be damned…Can you tell us something about yourself you’d like us to know?
       My favorite food is pizza. Feel free to order me one if you have some extra change lying around UncleBob's Corner - An interview with Moderator liquidsoul - Editorial 14 I am a music nut – I have over 700 legit CD’s and the collection keeps on growing. My dream would be to write reviews for Rolling Stone one day.

16. What can you tell us about your job? Hey, if you do something illegal, now’s a good enough time as any to make a clean start!
       I work on servers 24/7. Our company develops enterprise marketing management software. (http://www.aprimo.com/)

17. Where do you live? (Be fearless, your secret is safe with us..)
       I live in Broad Ripple – Indianapolis. It is the center of the arts in Indianapolis. It has a “strip” that is lined with bars and shops. It is a great place to listen to live music on the weekend.

18. What can you tell us about your family??
       I have been married for four months to my beautiful wife Casey. We have two cats, Jade and Cash. Cash is named after Johnny Cash since all he wears is black every day.

19. Here’s a delicate one…How old are you and where did you grow up?
       I am 23 years young (almost 24) and grew up middle class in Indianapolis and suburbs surrounding the city.

20. Well, we are getting to the end of it, it’ll be over soon, I promise. What would you like to say to our forum members, go ahead  anything! Get it off your chest. We have all day here…..     

       Have fun with what you do no matter what it is. Start posting even if you don’t have a problem. We are a community! UncleBob's Corner - An interview with Moderator liquidsoul - Editorial 11

(Corrected by one recently fully awake UB…liquidsoul doesn’t repeat himself!! Q20 really had a good response, I goofed!)