The Spire Fourier series has a very unique look.  By putting the fan below the heatsink fins, and using heatpipes to transfer the heat to those fins, you guarantee that the airflow is going where you want it.  This also leads to a bit of a tricky install with the mounting plates, but at least there is little chance of putting a screwdriver through your motherboard.  Drop by Pro-clockers for the full review of this heatsink, and take a look at what a big block of unobstructed copper looks like on a motherboard.

“Today, we are going to take a look at the newest cooler from Spire, the Fourier IV. The Fourier is an awesome looking cooler with a new design. With the cooling fan mounted underneath the copper fins air is designed to blow upwards and across the fins. The look of the Fourier IV is identical to that of the III but in copper. Will this design succeed in our testing? Lets find out.”

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