First off, we at the PC Perspective forums want to make sure you have a safe SuperBowl weekend, so don’t go getting a Trojan.

On the other hand if you’ve gone out and bought Vista, drop by our general Vista thread to get tips and may drop a few too.  Before you do upgrade, you may want to make sure you can go back to your old OS, which makes this thread on the best imaging software very handy.  If you have a dual core processor, but can’t seem to enable it, this little trick will get you there.

For those of you having fun with an 8800 and DX10
, this thread will give you some hints, and a place to vent.  You can also see a discussion about the X1950XTX versus the 8800GTX here, if you want to try to convince yourself one way or the other.

Skip out on Windows entirely with Linux, and find out who runs what in the Linux forum.  Skip out on the Tech side altogether at The Lightning Round, maybe you have an opinion about a certain Mooninite in Boston?

Whatever you are into, find it here on the PC Perspective Forums.