You may have noticed in Ryan’s review of the XFX 8800 GTX XXX, that the card demands more than 300W to run, and you can double that in an SLI rig.  Bottom line is that a 600W PSU will not be enough, and 700W probably won’t be either.

Enter Bjorn3D’s review of a pair of 800W PSUs from Ultra, the X-Finity and the X-Pro.  Both offer Quad +12V , a total of 660W to get your graphics screaming, and well sleeved cabling.  Drop by to see which model you prefer.  If you like them, you can find the X-Pro on Pricegrabber.
“If you just recently purchased the latest GeForce 8800 GTS/GTX graphics card, you may found out that your power supply is just not up to the task to handle such monster card. Often, not only a poorly constructed power supply will not deliver the needed wattage to the components, it could potential damage them as well. The power supply is the heart of the system and it cannot be overlooked specially if you have expensive components, such as GeForce 8800.”

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