When it’s a Trackbar Emotion.  ExtremeTech reviews this device designed to reduce RSI and carpal.  It sits on the bottom of your keyboard, much like a wrist rest, with the trackbar, and below the track bar is four buttons, and a clickable scroll wheel.  This won’t help your gaming performance directly, but if you spend all day working at a computer and then go home to play, this little device may help your wrists feel better at 6pm when you are getting to the important stuff.
“The Trackbar Emotion is a similar ergonomic input device. It’s not intended to help you blast enemies faster or surf around in 3D. The idea, like most ergonomic devices, is to alleviate or prevent symptoms related to Repetitive Stress Injury (RSI) and Carpel Tunnel Syndrome by offering a “healthier” alternative to a regular mouse. The health benefits of an ergonomic input device are open to debate, but anything that reduces the movement of certain muscles already in pain while getting the same job done will likely gain a dedicated audience, not only because they prefer it, but because they require it.”

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