The Microsoft Wireless Entertainment Desktop 7000 gives you a nice way to control your HTPC without resorting to remotes better suited for TV viewing.  Gamehelper reviews this totally flat keyboard and small rechargeable mouse that also holds batteries for back up.  Both are wireless and easy to carry around, as well as hide when they aren’t in use, so if you’ve gone to the trouble to set up a nice looking HTPC, give it some matching accessories.
“The keyboard is perfectly flat which works well for ‘laptop’ use while driving your Media Center from across the room and it’s slim profile allow for easy stowing on your shelf when not in use.The keyboard looks equally great on my office desk and I’ve received numerous compliments on its look from my wife (a high-end residential architect and her design-oriented friends 😉 So, two bonus points for a nod from the design world Microsoft — sashay, chante!”

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