BurnOutPC reviews 3 mouse enhancement products from XTracPads, MouseGrips, MouseDotz and Instaglide.  The Grips adhere to the top of the mouse, to increase the friction between the mouse and your hand, and the Dotz are Teflon and replace the old beat up pads on the bottom of your mouse.  As for the Instaglide, think ski wax.
“The goodies XTracPads send me were really effective in making my mousing experience a lot better. The MouseGrips are something that I use daily on my MX510, and I won’t take them off ! Their great. Looking at the MouseDotz, it’s just a matter of preference, their pre-cut and fairly thin so they should stay on your mouse for a long while, but teflon tape works just as good and comes with any mouse pad you buy, also with a XTracPads. The Instaglide does make your mouse glide better, but it also requires constant swiping of the bottom every few days so I wouldn’t really want to do that. But yeah it works. Overall three nice products, I was most impressed by the MouseGrips.”

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