Some of our more perceptive members may have noticed avatars springing up in the forums beside the names of our mods, admin and staff.  Every member is invited to join in the fun, just head to your User CP, double check that avatars are turned on under your options, and then go to edit avatar and either link to an online one, or upload one from your own computer.  Keep in mind that you must restrain yourself to 75 by 75 pixels or 10.0 KB (whichever is smaller), and that the same policies that apply to sigs apply to avatars, and will be enforced.

While you are browsing the forums, checking out what pictures old friends have chosen, you can catch up on some good advice on what to do when your PC starts displaying something like modern art instead of a desktop.  In the networking forum, there is a discussion on what to do if someone hijacks your WiFi.  Several members have been having problems with MSI’s K8N Neo2 Platinum, it seems to suddenly and completely die.  In the processor forum, a member bemoans what has happened to AMD since the C2D started stealing the performance crown, and you can learn about the effects of pushing your HTLink above 1000MHz over in the OCing forum.  A problem with enabling the Microphone Boost feature in XP Media Center 2005 is keeping the Audio Corner busy.

Over in the Linux forum is one of the funniest things said on the internets in a while, at least for those who get it.  After you’ve stopped shaking your head, take a look at the new deals over at the Trading Post, but don’t forget to save yourself a little spending money, it is Friday after all.