XYZ Computing reviews the Toshiba Portege M400-S4032, a tiny tablet PC.  At 11.6″ x 9.80″ x 1.53″
and weighing 4.5 lbs it won’t stretch your arm out of the socket, and 1GB of DDR2-667 and a C3D T2400 1.83 puts a bit of power in that tiny shell.  Read on if you are looking for a well built tablet that won’t set you back much more than a laptop.
“This review will be looking at Toshiba’s Portege M400, their tablet most closely related to the M6. Looking at the two we can see that the two have much in common and despite a few changes to the components (Toshiba uses a number of different SKUs for each model, this being the M400-S4032) there is not much to differentiate one from the other. Despite the M400’s seemingly bland exterior (and spec sheet), Toshiba is one the industry’s more popular tablet manufacturers. Their upcoming R400 is one of the most highly anticipated tablet PCs ever and other models have strong followings. Up to this point Toshiba has not focused on innovation with their tablets so much as they have price and dependability, as we will see with the M400.”

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