Gamepyre has been spending some time in the Jade Empire, a game originally for the Xbox that has been ported to PC.  There are several different styles of character to choose from, allowing you the ability to replay the game and still get some enjoyment out of it.  They found it better than your average ported game, so head over and see what you think.
“If you like action-oriented RPG games or are a fan of BioWare, then this game is for you. An engaging story, fast action, a fun combat system, and many choices to be made all await you in Jade Empire. I would like to see ports start going from console to PC sooner than a year later. Many people will see a game like this and don’t look beyond the graphics. It feels very much so like a mix between Knights of the Old Republic and Fable: The Lost Chapters. Fans of these games would no doubt be interested in this title. If you never played those two, then this one is worth a good try, and with a $40 price tag the price is right on target.”

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