All this begins from the desire to control the temperature in our computers with minimum effort. You are probably familiar with the topic of PWM technology from Intel and AMD, of which the motherboard consists of 1 PWM header to auto-adjust CPU cooler fan speed according to CPU loading and temperature variation. However, the only one is not enough at all.

Introducing the newest line of fans from Cooler Master — the PWM fans; available in 80mm, 92mm, and 120mm. It’s like an automatic Thermostat for your computer. Moreover, you can build up by yourself neuro-thermal system with the Cooler Master’s patented (patent no. M307288) Fan Hub — the Wind Rider. Imagine that you can control up to 6 PWM fans from one simple control once and for all. Now you can game on without hearing your fans growling in the background, complete your office work in peace and quiet and never have to worry if your fan speed is enough to cool your computer.
Cooler Master- PWM Fan Hub, the best of the both worlds - Cases and Cooling 2