Features and Specifications

The Enzotech Ultra-X is a large down-draft CPU cooler that performs very well and comes with a powerful Delta fan that can easily be tamed with the included variable speed controller.

Enzotech has been providing cooling solutions to OEM and high-end server class customers since 1982.  Even though they are a new player in the high-performance heatsink fan market, their new cooler is starting to get a lot of favorable attention.    The Ultra-X is a down-draft cooler that features a precision machined copper base, four heat pipes, and a large aluminum fin array with a pre-installed 120mm fan.  Enzotech even included a fan speed controller and a tube of Arctic Silver 5 to enhance your cooling experience.


Enzotech Ultra-X Active CPU Cooler Review - Cases and Cooling 23


Ultra-X Main Features:

  • Compatible with all single and dual-core CPUs
  • Supports Intel LGA775 and AMD K8/AM2/754/739/940 platforms
  • Copper base machined to 0.0003′ flatness
  • Four 8mm copper heat pipes for optimum cooling efficiency
  • Large 120mm fan provides excellent airflow
  • Down-draft design cools NB and VRMs in the CPU socket area
  • Arctic Silver 5 and Fan Speed Control included

Ultra-X Specifications: (Courtesy of Enzotech)


Enzotech Ultra-X Active CPU Cooler Review - Cases and Cooling 24


Heat Pipe Technology


The Ultra-X cooler uses four 8mm copper heat pipes to transport heat from the heatsink base up into a large array of thin aluminum fins.  A heat pipe is a highly efficient conductor of heat.  A properly constructed heat pipe has a very low thermal resistance, which is roughly independent of its length (unlike ordinary metal rods whose thermal resistance increases with length).  Heat pipes are commonly used to transport heat from one location to another.


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Heat pipes work on the principle of evaporation and condensation.  A working fluid (frequently distilled water) evaporates inside one end of the heat pipe (the hot-end) absorbing heat in the process.  A partial vacuum inside the heat pipe allows the water to evaporate at low temperatures.  Once formed, the water vapor diffuses from an area of high vapor pressure (where it is being generated) to the other end of the tube where the vapor pressure is lower.


The vaporized fluid then condenses back to liquid (cold-end) and the heat is dissipated into the air from the metal cooling fins.  The working fluid returns to the hot end via capillary action thru an internal wicking structure (sintered metal coating, fine wire mesh, or grooves) so the heat pipe does not have to rely on gravity to recycle the working fluid.  The key to a heat pipe’s high efficiency is the latent heat of vaporization. 


The Ultra-X CPU cooler comes securely packaged in a clear plastic clam-shell insert inside a big black box.  In addition to the HSF the package also includes mounting hardware, thermal grease, speed control, and a User’s Manual.


Enzotech Ultra-X Active CPU Cooler Review - Cases and Cooling 26


  • Enzotech Ultra-X heatsink fan
  • Intel LGA775 and AMD K8/AM2 mounting hardware
  • Arctic Silver 5 thermal grease
  • Speed control mounted in PCI slot bracket
  • Printed User’s Manual


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