Final Thoughts

The Ultra-X active CPU cooler from Enzotech places right near the top with the best CPU coolers on the market today.  It delivers excellent performance, offers a broad operating range, and looks great.  The speed of the included 120mm fan can be adjusted to provide the right balance of cooling performance and noise.  And thanks to its down-draft design, the Ultra-X will also cool surrounding components in the CPU socket area of the motherboard.  However, due to its large size, the Ultra-X may not be compatible with all motherboards.


Enzotech Ultra-X Active CPU Cooler Review - Cases and Cooling 23


The Enzotech Ultra-X active CPU cooler has an MSRP of $65.00 USD.  They are currently hard to find but I have seen them selling online for $59.95.



  • Excellent performance
  • Very good build quality
  • Large diameter heat pipes for efficient cooling
  • High-speed Delta fan offers good flexibility with bundled fan speed controller
  • Easy to install (will vary by motherboard)
  • Supports both Intel LGA775 and AMD K8/AM2 platforms
  • Arctic Silver 5 thermal compound included
  • Looks good


  • Large size may preclude use on some motherboards
  • Limited availability

Enzotech’s new entry into the high performance CPU cooler market is a clear winner.  Four outstanding build quality, features and performance, the Ultra-X active CPU cooler wins gold.


Enzotech Ultra-X Active CPU Cooler Review - Cases and Cooling 24


I would like to thank our friends at Enzotech for sending us the Ultra-X to review — thank you!  Be sure to use our price checking engine to find the best price for this new cooler or anything else you may want to buy! 

And if you have any questions or comments about the article, or would like to see what others have to say about the Ultra-X, just click into our Cases, Cooling, Power, and Modding forum to join in the discussion!

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