CellShock and MSC GmbH are probably not names that spring to mind when someone is talking about RAM.  However, they have been active in Europe for over 20 years.  Legit Reviews takes a look at their DDR2 1000 2GB kit.  The DIMMS have a good heatsink, use Micron D9GKX IC’s, live on an 8 layer PCB and can hold their own against Corsair. 
“This Cell Shock DDR2 1000 2GB kit was a great memory kit to be introduced to. The memory modules that I was able to use were found to be of high quality and featured a unique design to the heat spreader. More specifically, it uses the ever popular Micron D9GKX memory IC’s, is built on an 8 layer PCB and a well built heat spreader. It performed very well, in fact, very comparable to our Corsair ram that we tested against…”

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