A member of our forums has reached an existential crisis, the problems he has had constructing PCs has lead him to wonder if a prebuilt PC is the answer.  Help him out in this thread.  In this year the old Intel vs. AMD rivalry heats up with quad cores and price drops, it even has some that were strictly AMD users considering a change.  In the processor forum, there is a discussion about some unofficial optimizations for Conroe that you should keep an eye on.

Check out this handy-dandy tool discovered by one of our modding posters, as well as a PSU testerJimZ can’t wait to see this PCIe 1x sound cardStop off at the Trading Post, the entire first page is all active posts, and the deals are going quick.  Come on by, we’re a friendly bunch and we will tell you what we know … all you have to do is ask.