Back in the days when Cyrix and Wang were big names, and it was uphill to the store both ways, and snow was up to the tops of street signs, a new chip appeared that made a huge difference.  The original Pentium was a huge step up from the past series, and really pushed a lot of power for it’s time.  Of course, the introduction of a math co-processor was both a good and a bad thing.
“MARCH 22 1993 saw Intel ship the first Pentium processor, clocking in at an astonishing 60MHz.

Replacing the 486, Chipzilla cocked a snook with the name as pundits had been confidently predicting it would be called the 80586. But Intel failed to convince the US Patent Office that it could patent a number, so it was named after Craig Barrett’s horse instead.

Craig Barrett on his famous horse DobbinsWe can count ourselves lucky we don’t all have Dobbins in our PCs these days.

Built on a positively agricultural eight micron process and sporting a 50MHz front side bus, the Pentium eventually reached the dizzy heights of 300MHz before it was replaced by the Pentium II and finally put out to pasture in 1999. ”

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