Spyware, and it’s removal is quickly becoming an interruption to PC gaming and productivity.  It keeps growing in population and becoming more intelligent, making it not only harder and more time consuming to remove, but also taking more time just to do simple prevention.  The Networking & Associated Security Forum is a great tool to help you, and it’s full of knowledgeable people who can help you out.  Even if you are good at keeping the exisiting ones out, keep an eye on the Alerts/Warnings/Solutions thread … Ned and Ezzo and JimZ work hard to keep it up to date.

Over in the OCing forum, Meridian has put together an exhaustive description of overclocking his E6600.  You can learn a lot from what he did, if you are looking at getting into serious OCing that works.  You can also see the speeds that some of our members ISPs are providing them in the SpeedTest thread, maybe it’s time to switch providers?

If you find yourself in trouble with a SATA drive, there are some great troubleshooting tips to be found in this thread.  Here is a good workaround for issues with BF2142 in Vista, as well as a brief look at the amount of RAM Vista eats.  Then stop off at the Trading Post … move quick there is a Wii up right now, and then spend some time at TLR.