AUSTIN, Texas — March 14, 2007 — Bigfoot Networks, Inc., a research and development company, today introduced FN Torrent, a hardware offloaded peer-to-peer file sharing application that allows users to download files with zero impact to CPU utilization. With FN Torrent, gamers have the power to download the torrents they want without impacting their online game play.    

‘The introduction of FN Torrent allows gamers to benefit from the full potential of the Killer’s Flexible Network Architecture (FNA),’ said Harlan Beverly, co-founder and CEO of Bigfoot Networks. ‘While the Killer NIC makes online gaming faster and smoother, the FN Torrent enables a whole new experience for gamers who want the freedom to download unlimited files from the Internet without slowing down the other things they want to do on their PC.’

The FN Torrent is an easy to use Windows®-based application that coordinates the Torrent downloader built into the Killer NIC
. The user simply clicks on the torrent they want to download, and Killer does all the processing and downloading work of getting the specific file.  FN Torrent adds to the growing list of programs built using Killer’s FNA™ Technology, an open source development environment. Last November, Bigfoot announced FN Firewall, also developed using FNA Technology, which allows gamers to turn off their CPU burdening firewall and continue gaming with security and optimal performance.
Ryan has their new Killer K1 in the test bed, and he’s been trying out the new FN Torrent program as well, so keep your eyes open for the new review.