Legion Hardware sets out to solve a mystery in this article about low latency RAM.  The cost difference between a lower latency DIMM and a higher can be enormous, so they test RAM at 5 different speeds and 4 different timings.  Can a high frequency overcome a low latency?
“Well there you have it, the results may be a little hard to swallow for those that shelled out big dollars for high speed memory under the impression that is was actually faster. I have to admit, while I did not expect huge gains, I did expect that on a 500MHz FSB DDR2-1181 memory would be faster! Strangely this just is not the case and as it turns out, low latency memory is far more beneficial to Core 2 Duo owners. When you consider that a 1:1 ratio on a 500MHz FSB means the memory will be operating at 1000MHz, it is hard to believe DDR2-667 has a chance, let alone believe it to be faster.”

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