Impressions and Conclusions

If I had to sum up the Logitech VX Revolution, it would be with the word convenience. Everything about it is convenient which proves to me that Logitech’s product designers have spent a good amount of time figuring out what mobile users want from their pointing device.


  • It’s easy to carry around and is small in weight and size.
  • The pocket for the USB receiver is useful to keep all the parts together in one place and reduces the risk of parts getting lost.
  • The long life on a standard AA battery (approximately 3 months on a single cell) and its power conservation features ensure you have power whenever you need it.
  • The One-Touch Search and Document Flip functions are immensely useful

I didn’t care too much for the MicroGear or the Zoom functions, but I can see where these features can come in handy for some users. Even if you don’t use the Zoom feature, you can re-assign the zoom button to do another action like a forward or back action for browsers or even a keystroke so you can have it skip tracks in your media player.

Logitech VX Revolution Mouse Review - Your Notebook's Little Friend - Mobile 14

This is not your typical entry-level mobile mouse. It’s design and construction sets it apart from your mundane 3-button variety, as such the VX Revolution costs a little bit more. But given the advantages of wireless, excellent stamina, and general convenience of form and function, the Logitech VX Revolution is really a great tool worthy for your consideration.

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