It was with great trepidation that SPCR fired up the Enermax Galaxy EGA1000EWL-DXX02.  In the search for quiet systems, a kW PSU isn’t going to fit in very well, but it will support quad core and quad video card setups, as well as having two sets of electrically isolated 12V transformers, to give it 5 12V rails.  It may not reach the 80% efficiency rating they claim at most power levels, but with essentially no ripple or voltage fluctuation, it is one solid performer.  Read on to see if SPCR regained their hearing after the full power tests.
“It was with some reluctance that we accepted the Enermax Galaxy for review. Let’s face it, a kilowatt power supply isn’t aimed at a quiet system for your living environment. Still, graphics card makers and gaming fanatics insist you need as many watts as you can get. No way it will be quiet at full power, but how about at idle? We ran it through our gamut of tests and tortures to give you our usual detailed report.”

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