MSI’s P6N SLI Platinum incorporates some nice features into a fairly inexpensive board.   With solid state capacitors, there is little chance of a leak, the supported 8GB of RAM helps this board run Vista, and it supports a FSB of up to 1333MHz, which gives it some future proofing.  Gigabit NIC, 2 Firewire ports and a 7.1 HD onboard audio by Azalia round out those features.  4 3GB/s SATA channels, 2 IDE channels and an eSATA port on the back give you plenty of choices for storage.  2 PCIe x16 slots, which give 8 to each card in SLI make this a good gaming board.  Read on at PC Stats.
“Built with the workhorse nVidia nForce 650i SLI SPP and nVidia nForce 650i MCP chipsets (nForce 430i according to MSI), the MSI P6N SLI Platinum motherboard is compatible with all Socket 775 processors on the market; Celeron D, Pentium 4/D/XE and Intel Core 2 Duo/Core 2 Quad. It supports processors that operate on a 1333*/1066/800/533MHz FSB (*when the higher FSB processors are avialalbe), and accomodates up to 8GB of DDR2-800/667/533 memory in a dual channel configuration. The bare minimum for Microsoft Windows Vista to run smoothly is 1GB, but PCSTATS recommends starting off with at least 2GB RAM.”

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