These new prototype glasses change colour at the turn of a tiny knob in about 2 seconds.  A step up from UV sensitive glasses, which can be fooled into darkening and lightening at inappropriate times by oddly angled UV rays or by being behind UV blocking glass, these change shade when you choose.  A gel of organic oxides is sandwiched between two layers of electrochromic material.  It uses a watch battery to apply voltage to change the transparency.  The tint will stay without power for about 30 days, and you can expect 1000’s of transitions before you need a new battery.  Read more by following the link at Slashdot.
“Chemists at the University of Washington have made glasses with lenses that can be transparent or dark, in shades of yellow, green, or purple, all at the push of a button. The glasses will let the wearer instantly change the color of their lenses to virtually any hue by tuning a tiny electronic knob in the frame.”

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