The OCZ Equalizer Mice

The OCZ Equalizer mouse attempts to gain an edge for enthusiasts with super high laser resolutions and a new ‘triple threat’ button that fires three times with one click!

What’s in a mouse

While we typically don’t cover all the mice that are released (after all, that would be ALL we would write about) when a typically enthusiast company like OCZ comes to us with a mouse, we tend to furrow our brow and tilt our heads to the side.  What could it possibly have to offer us that OCZ would want to put their name on it?  And can a mouse really matter THAT much in your overall gaming or Windows experience?

As Jon saw in another recent mouse review, the answer is ‘yes’.

Two OCZ Equalizers

The OCZ Equalizer Laser Gaming Mouse at first looks like most any other mouse in the market and the form factor of it definitely isn’t anything different from what we have seen.  Here is what OCZ claims sets their mouse apart:

  • Six DPI laser settings
  • Hardware switch for DPI changes
  • Scroll wheel coloring for DPI indications
  • A “triple threat” button for fast mouse clicks
  • Desktop and mobile sizes
  • Thinner, longer mouse cord
  • Dual laser engine for tracking on more surfaces like glass
  • 6 year warranty

OCZ Equalizer Laser Gaming Mouse Review - The Triple Threat - General Tech 13

Here we see both the larger and smaller OCZ Equalizer mice — they look nearly identical.  The finish on the mice is like an eggshell paint that is shiny but doesn’t show finger prints or anything like that just by touching them.

OCZ Equalizer Laser Gaming Mouse Review - The Triple Threat - General Tech 14

This angle shot shows the two thumb buttons that are typically used as forward and backward button in windows, the clear scroll wheel that lights up as well as the button just behind it (the small black one) that is used to switch between DPI settings.  The red button is the “triple threat” button that is used to quickly double click in Windows and hit the shoot button three times quickly when gaming. 

OCZ Equalizer Laser Gaming Mouse Review - The Triple Threat - General Tech 15

In my usage testing playing some games on my PC with the OCZ Equalizer, the triple threat button had mixed results.  Sometimes, when using weapons in first person shooters that don’t have quick reloads or simulate kick backs, the triple threat button would only get off one or two shots instead of the advertised three. 

For example, in Day of Defeat: Source, the rifles and machine guns (that are already automatic so you can just hold down the button) didn’t see a benefit with the button.  However, the pistols and similar items were MUCH more effective when using the triple threat button to fire as it allows you to get three shots off faster while aiming than you could clicking the mouse separately.  Effective, is the nice way of saying it; my friends call it the “cheater mouse” now but it’s all about advantages! 

OCZ Equalizer Laser Gaming Mouse Review - The Triple Threat - General Tech 16

The bottom of the mouse has four standard sliding feet and the Equalizer also comes with slick pads as well should you want even LESS friction on your mouse movement.  The high speed laser is sitting inside the crosshair sticker.  Instead of using a single laser for tracking, the OCZ Equalizer uses two lasers that cross in order to allow the mouse to properly track on surfaces like glass where laser mice traditionally have problems. 

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