PC Apex reviews the Lian-Li PC-343B Modular Cube Case, an 18″x18″x18″ case.  With all that space, you can pick up bolt-on modular add ons to increase the usefulness of the case, you aren’t stuck with a default configuration for your fans, water cooling, HDD cage and other features.  Head on over to take a look at this case, it can fit a beer fridge in the unused space, or you could sublet it to a contortionist.
“Today we profile a case that is so big it took not one, not two, but three sponsors in order to bring it to you! A case that is so massive, it’s constantly under the danger of imploding under its own gravitational field! So giganhugenormous we had to make up a new words for it!?! Xoxide, FrozenCPU and Performance-PCs have teamed up to bring us the Lian-Li PC-343B Modular Cube Case.”

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