The Tech Report has plenty of info on the new core from Intel, Penryn.  Far more than just a shrinkage, and still on target for release later this year, you can get a sneak peek here.

As well, the Nehalem will be coming soon too.  Referred to as the “first truly dynamically scalable microarchitecture”, it has integrated the graphics core from the north bridge to the CPU socket.  You can get mroe info, and maybe guess what they mean by the dynamically scalable moniker in the article.

You can find out even more by reading through Ryan’s article at the top of our front page.
Intel says Penryn is “not just a simple die shrink.” The CPU will include some provisions to enhance clock-for-clock performance over current Core 2 processors, as we explain.

We also have info on Nehalem, the next-generation microarchitecture from Intel that steals whole chapters from AMD’s playbook. Nehalem will adopt an integrated memory controller, a HyperTransport-like interconnect, and even Fusion-style integrated graphics.”

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