Tweaktown has managed to sneak some info regarding the upcoming R600 series of cards from AMD.  Perhaps the biggest news is the targeted sales date, which is about 2 weeks away, on March 30th.  4 cards in total are listed, 2 flavours of XTX due on the 30th and 2 flavours of XL, due sometime in April.
“The big daddy of them all, the Radeon X2900XTX (codenamed Dragons Head 2 in 9.5′ size XTX configuration with GDDR4 memory), is due to hit shop shelves on 30th of March 2007 but it’s still unsure if they will actually make that date. Samples were already delivered to AMD’s partners last week and many companies will likely have R600 live demos on display at CeBIT. The Radeon X2900XT (codenamed Cats Eye also measuring 9.5′ but with GDDR3 memory and reduced clock speeds about 15% below XTX) will hit shop shelves on 19th of April. Dragons Head 2 is actually already well into production and product will be delivered to AIB’s in just a few days from now. After a grand total of 13 revisions, it seems like AMD have finally got things right and are satisfied with production output — revision A13 it is.”

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