SSO is a fancy name for a way to make a fan that is very quiet.  OCMODSHOP reviews Noctua’s NF-S12 (120mm) and NF-R8 (80mm) fans.   47cf/m for the 120mm and 31 for the 80mm at 17dBA, and a slower setting that moves about half the volume but runs at 7dBA.
“Fans Fans Fans, we got all kinds of fans now-a-days: neon fans, aluminum fans, led fans, ccfl fans, uv fans, and even more fans, did I mention we are reviewing fans here?

The Austrian company Noctua was kind enough to send us a few of there new fans, but what makes them (s)so special..? Well they are silent, and I mean VERY silent. These fans aren’t here for the nice lights, but for the more serious system builder who wants some quality kit. And if you want quality then you’re at the right place with Noctua.”

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