ExtremeTech wasn’t terribly impressed with Bigfoot’s Killer NIC.  They did notice an improvement over an onboard NIC, but not ~$270 worth.  A new model, the Killer K1 is now available, at about $100 cheaper.  Read the full review and find out if this less expensive model can beat a free NIC.
“When we reviewed Bigfoot Networks’ original Killer NIC, we found that it incorporated some truly unique technology, but simply didn’t provide enough tangible benefit to warrant the $279 price. Everyone already has a NIC for “free” included in every motherboard in the world these days. Building a game-optimized network card to reduce ping times and, more importantly, increase frame rates and smooth out those laggy moments, is a complicated and noble effort. The original Killer NIC just didn’t deliver—at least not enough to justify replacing “free” with “280 bucks.”

Now, the company is offering a less-expensive solution. The Killer K1 is a cost-reduced model that sells for $100 less and delivers nearly all the performance benefits of the original.”

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